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De Facto Pre-sentence Investigations

Eddy Lynton has conducted research in recidivism and characteristics of offenders to include identifying likelihood of recidivism and identifying best practices for lawful, productive life.

His experience as a probation/parole officer includes supervision of thousands of offenders ranging from status offenses, simple misdemeanors to complex felony cases. As an academic, Eddy has to remain constantly informed on new practices and schools of thought in criminal justice, case management, and correlates of recidivism.

Expert Witness Testimony

A good Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) can yield a wealth of information and should facilitate the court’s ability to sentence an offender. Let our unbiased, professional experts evaluate your client. Note that probation is not always in the best of the client or society. Strategic Sentencing Solutions holds fast to the directive that recommendation is independent of payment.

Independent Analysis Probation/Parole Revocation

Review and assess client’s probation/parole and complete an independent assessment for use when client is facing a Motion to Revoke Probation. Draft and finalize MTR Report/Recommendation.

Independent Analysis, Research, and Program Analysis/Design

Our research team can analyze anything. Whether it is policy analysis, personnel, or treatment, our research team can evaluate to determine whether best practices are being met and/or make data driven recommendation to maximize targeted outcomes.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

A drug/alcohol evaluation is performed to determine any history or pattern of use and ascertain a possible treatment plan when appropriate. For individuals pending legal proceedings, completing a drug/alcohol evaluation is an important step in notifying the court that you are taking the situation seriously and are willing to address and improve whatever issue or situation has presented itself.

During your drug/alcohol evaluation, the following will occur: review miscellaneous reports; meet and interview client for the purpose of a drug/alcohol evaluation and assessment of services as appropriate. Complete SASSI; DSM-V analysis; Draft and finalize drug/alcohol evaluation; recommend services where appropriate. Generate and provide report to client and client’s attorney.

Before you participate in a drug/alcohol evaluation you should know that Under Texas law, a therapist / counselor cannot guarantee confidentiality under the following circumstances:

  1. Texas Family Code, Chapter 261, concerning abuse or neglect of minors;
  2. Texas Human Resources Code, Chapter 48, concerning abuse, neglect, or exploitation of elderly or disabled persons;
  3. Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 161, Subchapter K, §161.131 et seq., concerning abuse, neglect, and illegal, unprofessional, or unethical conduct in an in-patient mental health facility, a chemical dependency treatment facility or a hospital providing comprehensive medical rehabilitation services; and
  4. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, §81.006, concerning sexual exploitation by a mental health provider.
  5. A licensee shall comply with Occupations Code, Chapter 109, relating to the release and exchange of information concerning the treatment of a sex offender. If requested by the State Licensing Board for administrative purpose.

Please note that Strategic Sentencing Solutions will provide the drug/alcohol evaluation to your attorney and that the evaluation may and most likely will be shared with the court (to include probation/parole). Please be aware that Strategic Sentencing Solutions may consult with other LCDC/or therapists, who are required to keep client information confidential, for case consultation purposes.

Additional information can be found at https://www.dshs.texas.gov/counselor/lpc_ethics.shtml

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